Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bridgette the helper

Over the weekend I decided to clear the snow and ice off the back steps. I came in the house to answer the phone and this is what I came back to.

Ya gotta love the boots. She ran in and pulled them on. They are her favorites from Grandma Sue.

Basketball is back....

Brock loves Basketball. He is really good. I find it funny that a little short boy would want to play Basketball..... He has been making baskets at both games he has had. One was a 3 pointer. Yah B-Dawg. He is on the Grizzlies. They have lost one and won one.

Trent (my cute Hubby)

So, if you know my hubby, you know he is very serious about having his picture taken. He wanted to have a nice photo for his facebook profile but none of the ones I took were good enough. So, Brock and I started following him with the camera to see what we could get. Most got deleted but here is what i was able to salvage.