Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day of School

Today was crazy... Brock and Brinley started back to school. Brock started his first day at Diamond Fork Jr. High. He was so nervous that he did not sleep much the night before. But he was also realy excited to go. He said it was a great day and cn hardley wait for tomorrow.
Brinley my little social butterfly started 2nd grde at East Meadows. She loves school and was really excited to get Mrs. Warenski. I guess the day was so good, the teacher called me after school to tell me how glad she was to get Brinley and that she just loved her already.
I think it is going to be a great year. Bridgette starts preschool in about a week.

Family Vacation 8-6-09

This year for our family getaway, we decided to take the kids to Cherry Hills and Lagoon. We stayed in a hotel for the weekend in Layton. NSP treated us to Lagoon for the yearly company party. We let Brock take a buddy(Jayce Johnson), it was alot of fun. Trent wants to make it a tradition, here are a few photos. (We were not able to take any at Cherry Hills. It was windy and we were busy running to water to be warm. But, no crowds.)

Jayce and Brock after riding the Cliffhanger.

The kids getting off the Lady Bug Bop. Bridgette's favorite ride.
Here are the girls on a few rides. We did not get many of the boys. They did their own thing.

Here is the rest of the fun... Swimming at the hotel.
Crazy Brinley



Baby Bridgette

Tired mom

Crazy Dad