Monday, November 16, 2009

Dancing Baby

Bridgette got to dance for the first time this weekend with her new dance class. The Central Utah Stars does a craft fair as a fund raiser each year and then they have the girls and some boys dance every few hours. It is a lot of fun. Here is Bridgette in her new dance costume.

Friday, October 30, 2009

October @ The Beardall's

Well, I have been a slacker again. Here are a few photos of the girls with Brin's pumpkin. They had a decorating contest at school and you could not carve the pumpkin. So, I stuffed Ms.Potato head parts in it and put a wig on it and curled it. Brin won "prettiest little lady",which is very fitting for her.

Next it was my Birthday. I am old. But my family was awesome this year. Trent wins the prize for best hubby. He made my favorite dinner of Parmesan chicken, Funeral potatoes and corn(for 10). Then he also made Apple Crisp (which neither of us have ever done) and invited both of our families up for treats and let me be lazy all day on Sunday the 25th. He took me and my mom to dinner at Jo Bandito's (no comments Shan)and got Little Ceasar's on Monday. Then he and the girls went to Shopko and bought all the stuff, came up and set up everything for my new baby kitty. Yup, Mr. allergic to cats, got me the cutest kitty in the world. Her name is Bella Donna for pretty lady. My inlaws gave me money and my mom got me a Ogio bag. It was the best. Thanks to all

Here are some photo's of my kids in their Halloween costumes. Brin is a witch and Bridge is Cinderella. Brock is Micheal Jackson. Then we have Grandpa George with Trinitee and Treyden.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Funny Brinley

Okay, so a few weeks back, I was trying to get Brock to be nice to Brinley and stop teasing her soooooo bad. So, I said "Brock, you need to be nice to Brin, cuz when you and your buddies get older, they may be dating girls that are Brinley's friends and possibly Brin." He rolled his eyes and walked off. Brinley must have been listening because a few days ago, out of the blue she says, "Mom, so you think Brocks friends will want to date me?" I said yes to which she responded "Great, I hope Jayce marries me, he is sooo HOT". What am I going to do with a 7yr old that is so totally boy crazy. She must get this from her dad. He used to kiss girls out on the playground in kindergarten(what a ladies man). I was a tomboy until at least 8th grade. HELP

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

16 Yrs

Well, We made it one more year. Trent and I have been married 16yrs but together 19. That is half my life. This last month has been the best with Trent. We seem to be seeing things the same way. Maybe it is because we have been together so long. This year I was able to surprise Trent with an over nighter in Salt Lake. My cousin Kathryn got us the best room ever at the Marriott. Trent surprised me by taking a half a day off and bringing me flowers. We went to Texas Roadhouse and did alittle shopping. We left the kids at home with Taylor Davis(Trent's cousin) And they loved it. Then to top it off we came home to a spotless house and happy kids. It was the best. Love you sweetie.

Bridgette started Pre-School 9-1-09

My baby started Preschool this month. The first of this month was crazy so I am slow at posting. She is such a smart girl. She loves school and has lots of friends. I just hope her little sassy mouth doesn't end up getting her in to trouble. She says what is on her mind. But, we love it. Love you Baby Bridge.
Bridge and Vanna

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

First Day of School

Today was crazy... Brock and Brinley started back to school. Brock started his first day at Diamond Fork Jr. High. He was so nervous that he did not sleep much the night before. But he was also realy excited to go. He said it was a great day and cn hardley wait for tomorrow.
Brinley my little social butterfly started 2nd grde at East Meadows. She loves school and was really excited to get Mrs. Warenski. I guess the day was so good, the teacher called me after school to tell me how glad she was to get Brinley and that she just loved her already.
I think it is going to be a great year. Bridgette starts preschool in about a week.

Family Vacation 8-6-09

This year for our family getaway, we decided to take the kids to Cherry Hills and Lagoon. We stayed in a hotel for the weekend in Layton. NSP treated us to Lagoon for the yearly company party. We let Brock take a buddy(Jayce Johnson), it was alot of fun. Trent wants to make it a tradition, here are a few photos. (We were not able to take any at Cherry Hills. It was windy and we were busy running to water to be warm. But, no crowds.)

Jayce and Brock after riding the Cliffhanger.

The kids getting off the Lady Bug Bop. Bridgette's favorite ride.
Here are the girls on a few rides. We did not get many of the boys. They did their own thing.

Here is the rest of the fun... Swimming at the hotel.
Crazy Brinley



Baby Bridgette

Tired mom

Crazy Dad

Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer 2009

Okay I have had a crazy summer already. I told myself I was not going to get behind on the blogging. Well, I did. Brock and Trent went on a scout over nighter up Diamond Fork. This was planned just for Brock so he could get passed off before moving on to the next stage in scouts. Next is the photos of the older kids in ball this year. Brin was on the JawBreakers.(coachpitch)She is a great little hitter and fast runner. I am so proud. Brock was on the Diamondbacks again. They did not have a very good year. 3 wins only. oops.... Last is swimming lessons. Brin is a natural in the water. She is only 7 and was in the advanced class. This was only the 2nd time Bridgette has had lessons, She loved taking with SaVanna. Both girls are fish. Brock got to play in the pool on the last day of class. We love the Argyles.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Father's Day

Trent reminds me of my favorite saying about dads. "Anyone can be a Father, it takes someone special to be a Daddy". I hope Trent had a great day and I am taking him shopping tonight for his gift.
Yesterday was a very exciting one for Brock. He was ordained to the office of Deacon by Trent and grandpa George. I am so proud of Brock. He was so excited to become a Deacon. Now he gets to pass the sacrament. I was the proudest wife/mom in the world yesterday. And yes, I cried like a baby.
We took the kids to the cemetary and took a pepsi and fudge stripe cookies to my dad.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Brock turns 12.

June 11th 1997 Brock Douglas Beardall was born at 4:30 pm in Provo(UVRMC) 7 pounds 6 ounces 19 inches long. He was the cutest little ball of happiness. After trying for 4years and suffering a miscarriage, we finally got a baby. A funny story about Brock is that we had 3 ultrasounds with the doctor, and in all 3 we were having a girl. On the last test, Trent happened to ask if it was a boy or girl. The doctor said "What have I been telling you?" We were like, "a girl" So the doc said "I better not change my answer now." So we head to the hospital the next afternoon for a c-section, all the nurses are asking what we are having, We just tell them that up to yesterday a girl but now we don't know. Well when they saw Brock's face, he was mad. very mad. All the nurses laughed and said "so cute, could be a boy or girl". Well when they got the rest of him out, the nurse looks at the doctor and says,"You missed that 3 times?" Brock was so private in all the ultrasounds and he is still very private. Brock has been a great addition to our family. He is so great with his sisters. He and Brinley fight so much I about go crazy, but every now and again I catch him being sweet to her.

This weekend, Trent and I took Brock and his friend Bradley to Texas Roadhouse. Then shopping for clothes and a game for his Wii. We had the family over for Jazz cake and mint ice cream. Brock will be ordained to be a Deacon on Sunday the 21st. I am so excited to watch him pass the sacrament.

Happy Birthday B-Dawg. We love you.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Brock Graduated..... He is moving on to Jr. High

My oldest baby graduated from 6th grade. I hate that he is getting so big. He will always be my chubby cheek little man. B-Dawg. He had a awesome teacher this year. Mr.Gull. Mr.Gull did not take any of Brocks crap and was always pushing Brock to do more and better. We have been so lucky to get great teachers year after year for the kids. We love you Brock. We are so proud of you when you try your best and have a good attitude. Good luck with Jr. High.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bridgette Turns 4. Happy Birthday Baby!!!!

Bridgette was born on 5-22-05 at 8:22am at UVRMC. She weighted 6 pounds 10 oz. and was 18 inches long. She also had alot of brown hair. When the nurse brought her into me later, I told her that could not be my baby. My babies we round little balls with blonde or no hair. The nurse freaked and started checking wrist bands. It was pretty funny. Bridgette has been my "special little surprise". Trent and I were thinking about another baby but wanted to sell our house first. I took 3 tests when I thought I was pregnant. two said yes but the last one said no. I went to the doctor and had one done. The poor nurse was so happy when she told me and I almost cried. My other 2 kids were so hard to get here, the whole pregnancy I was in denial, But when she was born and I was left alone with her for the first time, all I could do was cry and tell her how sorry I was that I did not want another baby right now. She is my little buddy. I call her Angel baby. She is so funny and can reason like an adult. You can have a conversation with her and she uses big words. It is really funny. I would not trade you for the world baby........ I have been telling Bridgette that she needs to stop growing. I need my squeezey baby. But she said she wanted a party. I told her she could have a party but she needed to always be my baby. She agreed but I don't think she fully understood.
We invited a bunch of neighbor girls over and rented a Castle to jump in. They had alot of fun. She got really spoiled. Color book, lullaby book, High School Musical Cake and a bike from mom,dad,Brock and Brin. Clothes from aunt Jade, barbie stuff from Aunt Lindy and fam, More barbie stuff from Grandma and Grandpa Beardall. Swim suit, bag, bows and swim stuff form Grandma Barber, Barbie, paperdolls, color books, crayons and markers from the Barber and Martinez cousins, Lots of color books and make up from her friend party. Here are some video's of her party and her on her new bike.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Brinley's 1st grade program

Here is some photo's and videos from Brins program last week. We had problems with the camera so we missed her doing the line dance. She is so dang cute. I can see why all the staff at the school loves her. Hope you do too. Brinley with her teacher, Ms Powell. (She got married at the end of the school year so she is now Mrs Clark) Both Brock and Brin were lucky enough to get her for 1st grade. She is the best.

Brinley with her friend Keanna

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Mother's Day

Okay, So I hate Mother's Day. I could go on and on about it but I will spare you all. This year Trent asked me what I wanted, I told him "surgery, that way I am in the hospital and people have to wait on my adn be nice because I am paying them." I ask my kids every year to be nice and not fight and all that but it never works. Well, This year was different. Finally. Trent took me shopping Saturday night. He got me a new Wallet, and let me build my own bear at Build-a-Bear. His name is Bronco the dog. He is my 4th kid that can not talk back or ask for anything. After he is paid for, he wont cost me a dime. Sunday we were lazy and went to dinner at Chili's with the Beardall's. Val gave me some toe rings. then off to my moms. She gave me a bowl full of fun stuff. Thanks to all my family for making my Mother's Day a great one.

Brock's Un-Birthday

This year we decided to give Brock an Un-Birthday. His real birthday is June 11th. But since it is the start of summer and everyone leaves town, he always has a crappy turn out. So, this year we did it a month early. We went to Laser Assult in Provo. The boys had a great time. Brock scored the highest of all.
Taylor McKentire, Cash Shepherd, Brock, Evan Barber, Bradley McGowen. Missing from the photo were Jensen Martinez(He had to leave for Soccer), and Haleigh Barber(she had softball.)

Central Utah Stars Dance Competition

My girls got to show off at the C.U.S. Competition on May 2nd. They pay 10.00 each to be in it and they get a trophy. This was Brinleys 4th time and Bridgette's first. She was so excited to have a trophy like her big sister. Check out the cute videos.
Bridgette is in the front row for her video and Brin is on the back row, very last one.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Free Photo session

My friend is doing a special in St. George. Check out this site and you might get to see me. hehehehe
Drawing for a free photo session of your choice.
I'm holding a drawing for a FREE photo session of your choice.
Family, portrait, couple, baby, whatever you desire.

Here's how to enter:
Check out and put a post on your blog about it.
Then leave me a comment here to let me know you posted about it.
For a 2nd entry become a follower of
I'll put everyone's entry's in and draw a winner on
Friday May 29th!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Girls Weekend

Well, last weekend I went on my first Beardall Girls get-away. I am sure this was the first of many and we may add to our group too. Maybe when Brinley and Trinitee are 16, hehehe. Val, Lindy, Jade and I went down to see Heather(Lindy's long time friend). Heather might as well just belong to us. She has been in the family longer than me. We also had to check out Jade's new home as of August.
My cousins (Boyd and Shar) we nice enough to let us stay at their place. It was a home away from home. It was great.
We headed out Friday morning, got the St.George about 3pm. We went swimming, shopped, went to dinner at Samarai 21 ,then shopped more. We finally went back to play phase 10 and do facials. Then we decided to make a run to Wally World, That was a trip in itself. We ended up staying up until about 2am. Saturday we were up and at them by 10am. Village inn for breakfast, then off to get pedicures. More shopping, checking out Jades new place and then back to get beautiful for photos. Heather is working on her portfolio so she made us beautiful and took some great picts. Then we went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse. We finally made it back for bed and movies about 10. We ended up getting to sleep about 12 and back up early to head home on Sunday.
I cant wait until next year.

Here are some of the picts Heather took.