Monday, May 17, 2010

Utah Valley Dance Comp.

Bridge was able to be in the Utah Valley Competition that the Central Utah Stars put on. Bridge did great and got a cute little trophy. Brin was a great sport. She did not cry or throw a fit, she was a big help and the loudest one cheering Bridge on.

Brinley's Feild Trip 5-13-10

Okay, I decided to take the day off and go on the last feild trip of the year with Brin and her class. I am sooooo glad I was not having a migrane that day. We walked the trail by the Provo river between Nun's park and Vivian Park. It was a really nice day. Not to cold, not to hot. I tend to get bus sick so I try to keep to the front, well they had more kids than busses and we had to cram. I was glad for the walk and lunch at the park to air out. Here is our little group.

Brinley, Ethan, Justin

Brock is an Angel......

Brock is finally an Angel..... Grandpa "Goose" has been waithing 12 yrs to coach another Beardall. It has finally happened. It is so nice to see Brock with a twinkle in his eye about something. I love to watch him play ball. He is so good. At his last game on Thursday he got a Stand up Triple. For those of you that are like me and have no clue what that is..... He hit the ball so hard and so far, he made it to third base without sliding. Way to go buddy. Love ya B-Dawg.

Bridgette's Show amd Tell

Bridgette got to celebrate her Birthday early this year. On May 4th She was the birthday girl at school. That day is also her Show and Tell day. She had her Aunt Jade come and show the kids how to get rid of tooth bugs. Jade was so nice and brought all the kids a toothbrush and toothpaste.

Mother's Day/ St. George

This year for Mother's Day, I was able to get away to St. George without kids. Trent's mom, sisters Heather and I went to Boyd and Shars Condo for the weekend. We had a great time getting pedicures, playing games, eating great food, relaxing at the pool, and not worrying about anything. It was the best Mother's day ever. I got home on Sunday, to a clean house, happy kids and a Shake Weight. Just what I asked for. Monday Trent, me and the kids took my mom to dinner at Brick Oven, We had alot of fun. On the way home, we got pulled over by a Highway Patrol, for 2 week over due plates... Bridge leaned over Trent and said "You arnt gonna rest my daddy ...are ya????" About 2 minutes later, we were on our way without a ticket. But look at my moms eye..... I wonder if the officer wanted to question Trent about that.......


This year for Easter, We had dinner and a egg hunt with Trents family down at the Beardall's with Lindy and her kids. Brock decided he was too big this year, that made me sad. We also had a nice dinner, and hunt at my moms house with Shan's family and Dee. Matt and his family were out of town. The kids all got lots of treats, and outfits. I guess Mother Nature and the Easter Bunny forgot to talk, it was sooo cold for Easter and the bunny brought shorts........Sorry no photos. Trent took them all with his new camera and I forgot to get them copied.

Brinley Turns 8!!!!

This March was a big deal for Brin. She turned 8. We took her and a group of girls to Build-a-Bear in Orem and had her party. It was alot of fun. Brin got a beautiful white dress, Hair piece, Scriptures, jewelry, a Scentsy, books, barbies,etc from all the family and friends. Brin was baptised by her dad and confirmed by her Grandpa George. We had a big lunch at the pavillion at the Stake Center. Love you Brin. We are so proud of you.

Trent turns 36!!!

This year for Trents bithday, I bought him tickets to see Daughtry. The concert was not until April, but it was still fun. We went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse in Lehi and then to the concert. It was alot of fun. Love ya T