Saturday, February 28, 2009

Feb. Scout Campout

What the heck???? This is proof that boys are insane. Trent took Brock up to the Reservoir for a scout over-nighter. They had a lot of fun.

Kids Bathroom

After 10 yrs of Ducks in my kids bathroom, I changed it. It was so easy. I wish I had taken a before photo so you could see, but I decided to do Pink and Brown polka dots. Trent bought some cute dixie cups for Bridgette to rinse her mouth. I loved them so much that I did the whole thing to match. The curtain and rugs are from Target, the towels are all from Mervyns (3.00 each). Trent's Aunt Nan sewed them all to make them hooded for the kids. The girls are pink with brown hoods an Brock's are brown with lighter hoods. My sister helped me make vinyl dots for the walls. Brock thinks it looks like someone threw up in there, but I love it.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Drill Team.... Already????

Brinley took a class at the Spanish Fork High School with the Drill Team,because our neighbor, Krizia Brooks is on Drill. She had a great time and did awesome with her dance. Here in a video of her. She id the tiny blond in front and center with the black and pink pants.

President's Weekend

This year for Presidents weekend, Trent and I took Brock and my mom to St.George to the Parade of Homes. We had a great time. Trent and I normally go down every year, but this was a first for Brock. He got to miss school, play games, go out to eat every meal, and hang with Grandma. We went to Olive Garden for dinner on Saturday night(valentines) and the wait was an hour and a half. We were so bored that we took some fun photos. I am lucky to be able to post these pictures because at some time in that hour and a half wait I set my camera down and it ended up staying the night in their safe. I am so grateful to the honest person that turned it in. I do have blond moments from time to time.

Were are also very thankful to my cousin Chelsey James for staying at my house the whole weekend with the girls. My girls had a blast. When we got home on Monday, we dressed the girls up in the cute new outfits Trent and I bought for them. We loaded up and went to Wingers for lunch. Notice Brins new glasses. She looks really cute in them.

Valentines 2009

East Meadows Elementary has a Valentines box contest every year. hey have you do a box according to what the classes are learning about. Brins class had to do a box about reading. I had her pick her favorite book. "Pinkalicious" Trent took this photo of her with her box, he only got the back. The front looked like a big cupcake. I was pretty proud of my work. Brin did not win. But at least we had fun.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Brinley the Great.

Well, Some of you may not know by looking at her, she has been struggling with reading. So, her teacher(the best ever)had Brin go to a reading specialist. Brin did so well that she went from a level 0-14 in just a few weeks and tested out early. She loves to read now and I cant get her to put the books down. She even takes them to bed with her and tries reading in the dark. She has even inspired her baby sister to read all the time. Bridgette likes to take her little laptop to bed every night. Last night Trent tried to put a stop to this but he lost. Brinley also got a 100% plus 1 on her last spelling test. Since she did so well we let her have a sleep over at her cousins(Jentrie)last weekend. Way to go Brinley. Your great. Love you.