Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Sick Little Girl

Brin has been so sick. She came down with Strep and Croup right after Halloween. The doctor gave her a steroid shot and put her on Amoxil. Well over the weekend we noticed she was not acting herself again. I took her into the doctor and she has both again. She had to get another shot and she even asked for it!!! Hopefully she can get better this time. This photo is of her at school last week. I thought she looked so cute walking out of school, so I made her stop so I could get it. She is so cute even when she is sick.

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1. I love to play softball.

2. I love to pick on my hubby.

3. I care A LOT about what YOU think of me. I hate this about myself.

4. I hate anyone touching my feet. This is only okay when getting a pedicure. Trent likes to tell the kids to touch them just to watch me freak out.

5. I can not stand to have my hair brushed by anyone other than me or Stacey(the best hairdresser in Utah County.)

6. I love to Swim. I wish I had more free time to do it. I also wish I looked better in a suit.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Being Thankful

I have been doing a lot of thinking this week about being Thankful. With the economy taking a turn, I am very grateful for my home, car and job. I am pretty sure they are all secure and should stay that way for the long haul. Money has been really tight this year but I try not to let that get me down. Because a lot of people are in the same situation. When I was younger, we would go to my Grandma and Grandpa Stones for Thanksgiving. My grandpa would always make us say 3 things we were Thankful for before we could start dinner. So this year I decided that the 3 most important things to me this year are #1. My family because without them I am no one. I'm not a mother,wife,friend,daughter,sister,aunt. #2. My job because without it I would not be able to have all the great friends that I have. I also would not need my great baby sitter. Donna is the best. Last but certainly not least, #3 My breath (I know, it sounds silly but hear me out)because without it I can not live. My dad tried for years and he lost the battle. Every time in the last 14 months that I take a deep breath I think of him. Oh how I wish breathing could be donated like blood. I would have given as much as possible. I have been really sad this week as the holidays approach. I think it is because last year I was still in my little bubble of fog. This year it is really sinking in. I hope you all have a great Holiday season. Don't let it pass without giving thanks for all you have.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

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My photo is of my dad at Easter 2007.Dad had just came home from the hospital with his new trach. He was not very happy but I am so glad I have the photo. Brock and Jensen(Shan's boy)were talking to him so, I had them smile for me. I sure miss him.

I tag Lindy, Heather, Tiffany, Angie

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween 2008

Bridge as Belle. What a poser

Showing some skin. oops.

Brin as Aurora. A true Princess.

Brock and the buds.(gals)

Tricks and Treats at NSP

This year for Halloween both of the girls wanted to be a princess. Brin was Sleeping Beauty for the 3rd time. Bridgette was Belle(her sitter did her hair just like Belle's). We got the dresses in Disneyland while we were there in April.
Brock was a Grim Reaper of some sort,his buddies all dressed like girls. He decided he was too cool to hang with the family.
I was a Witch. Bridgette called me Glenda the good Witch because I was not scary.
My mom was a Princess Kitty. The total opposite of her real cat.
The kids got so much candy. It might have been due to Trick or Treating at my work, or the great weather. Halloween was great this year.